The Survey module allows you to build surveys and feedback forms, download survey results, and link surveys to website pages.

Creating a Survey

1. Navigate to the website and log in as an Admin.

The Home page will be displayed.

2. Click your profile picture on the top right corner and select My Account.
The Home Dashboard will be displayed.

3. Navigate to Surveys.

The Surveys page will be displayed.

4. Click NEW SURVEY.

The Add survey page will be displayed.

5. Enter the title of the survey.

The next steps are provide information for the 4 tabs on this page - Details, Share, Settings, and Responses.

6. In the Details tab, select the type of the survey from the Type dropdown list. Example: Feedback.

7. Click Add group to create the first page of your survey.

The fields to add the group details will be displayed.

Your survey will have as many pages as the number of groups you add while creating it. Each group represents one page. Students have to answer the first page and then click the Next button to move on to the next page.

8. Enter the group name.

9. Click Add question to group to create the first question of the survey.

The fields to add the question and its details will be displayed.

10. Enter the question in the Q1 text editor. Example: How did you like the course?

11. Select the way you want the question to be answered from the dropdown list. The available options are:

  • Radio Button group: You will be able to enter various answer options. The person filling out the survey can then select the answer that speaks to them the most. This is a multiple-choice format in which only one answer can be selected.

  • Text area: The person answering the survey can type in their response in a text area.

12. If you have selected Radio Button format in the previous step, click + to increase the number of options and click - to decrease the number of options.

13. Specify if answering the question is optional or mandatory by selecting the required option from the dropdown list. The available options are Optional and Required.

  • Repeat steps 7 through 13 for as many questions you want to add to your survey.

14. Click the Share tab.

15. Check the box(es) for the role(s) with which you want to share the survey from the Select roles dropdown list. The available options are ALL, Administrator, External User, Org rep, Parent/Guardian, Student, Super User, Teacher.

16. Click the Settings tab.

The Settings tab allows you to configure the settings of the survey.

17. In the Has expiration field, specify if your survey has an expiry date. If you select Yes, then select the date range for which you want to display the survey on your website from the Display range dropdown calendar.

18. In the Display per group field, specify if you want the survey to be displayed per group.

19. In the Store answers field, specify if you want o save the answers given by people who fill out the survey.

21. In the Show Thank you field, specify if you want a thank you message to be displayed after a person has completed the survey.

22. Select the page that you want to set as the thank you page for the survey from the Thank you page dropdown list.

23. Click Save/Save & Exit.

The survey will be created.

Publishing a Survey

To publish a survey, please follow the steps given below:

1. Create a survey. For the detailed procedure to create a survey, refer to Survey | Creating-a-Survey.

2. Navigate to Pages.

The Pages page will be displayed.

3. Click Actions and select Add Page.

The editor will be displayed.

4. In the Editor tab, insert the survey code onto the page as {Survey-Survey ID}

To populate the other fields in the tabs of the Pages page, refer to Managing a Website Page | Adding-a-Web-Page.

5. Click Save and Publish/Save, Publish & Exit.