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Automating Survey Link Emails

A Surveys automation will save you time and money ensuring that all of your students are contacted by email after your course ends.

Please note that this configuration is only available for Trainer-led schedules sending emails to students who have attended.

Automation Configuration: your surveys automation will be configured by our team and it can be setup to be sent x days/hrs after your course ends. This will enable you to gather data without the administration headache of chasing this task.
Surveys: includes 1 automation configured by our team and it can be linked to ALL courses or just some.
Additional survey automations can be configured at an additional charge. Talk to us for more information, we are happy to assist

When a course is completed, a survey email can be sent to all attendees to receive their feedback for their completed booking.

This email will be sent through automations.

This automated email will be configured by the team at CourseCo.

Please note that you must contact your CRM Lead in order to get this automation installed on your website

You will need to confirm with your CRM lead the content of the email and when it should be sent to the attendees who completed their training.

Automation Plan - when a course ends, send an email x days after the course ends with the content below.

Suggested content

Hi @studentname@,

Congratulations on completing your training for @course@ on @enddate@. A review is the highest compliment we can receive. Can you please leave a review of your experience! See survey link.

Kind Regards,

CourseCo Support Team

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