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Linking a Survey to a Course

Admin have the option to link a created survey to a course. There are a number of ways this feature can be used to receive feedback on the course.

  • For example, when a course is completed, an automatic email with a feedback survey can be sent to all attendees or a survey can be send x days before the start date so attendees can fill in required information about the course.

Please note, this is a PRIME feature. To get this installed on your website, please contact your CRM Lead.

To link a survey to a course, please follow the steps given below:

  • Go to your survey plugin

  • Select the survey you want to link to your course

  • Go to ‘Preview’ tab of the survey and copy the link to this survey

  • Once your survey link is copied, you can go to ‘Courses’ Plugin

  • In courses, select your course that you want to link your survey

  • In the survey input, Paste the link you have copied from Surveys

  • Click Save


  • The survey will be linked to the course

  • Survey link can be used in automation to send to attendees

  • Attendees can fill survey form

  • Admins can view responses in Surveys> Responses tab

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