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Custom Workflow | Self paced exam and assessment Management

In this user guide, we have documented a use case where company X is selling online self paced content. Access to the content will be granted for 365 days from the booking date.

Students completing the online content can progress quickly or very slowly, this is up to them. The content will comprise of text, pdf and videos.

The student will complete multiple short ‘fun’ MCQ type exams throughout the training.

Once the student completes their last exam, a examiner must review this exam and manually grade the answers. This is not an MCQ exam.

See full steps below on managing this use case

Create online self paced schedule

Please complete the standard steps for adding an online self paced course - see user guide here

Embedding online MCQ Exams within the course content

Follow the steps using this user guide here

Adding a final exam that needs to be manually corrected by an Examiner

Follow user guide here on how to create an update this type of exam and todo

Creating a online assessment and assigning the the self paced schedule (Advanced flow)

Admin must create a new questionnaire, with long question answers.

They must follow the user guide here on creating this type of todo

New bookings will not be automatically assigned this todo. Admin must select the assignee in the todo. i.e. go to todos > edit todo > select new student

Creating a todo - Assignment with manual PDF upload option

This workflow is not as streamlined as the above online assessment option. The todo will be assigned to the student. The student can manually upload their PDF document at any stage.

The todo can stay open indefinitely i.e. student can upload at any stage

This feature does not contain the workflow to manage assigning the PDF to the Examiner. This means, admins will need to Download the PDF and manually share the PDF with the examiner.

The examiner will then need to give the overall result and admin can manually assign to the student

Students can then view the grade applied via their online portal.

See full user guide on todo - assignment process

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