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Embedding Questionnaires into a schedule

This section explains the processes of embedding questionnaires into course content.

This is a Prime Package feature, please contact your CRM to find out how to upgrade!

Embedding a Questionnaire into Course Content

  • Navigate to Courses > Schedules.

The Schedules page will be displayed.

If you are creating a new schedule, set up the schedule as self-paced, add your e-learning content, and set the access period.

  • Click the Content tab.

The Content tab will be displayed.

  • Click Add Exam.

The Add Exam dialog will be displayed.

  • Enter the title of the exam in the Title field. The title will be visible to the students who complete the content.

  • Toggle the Block until pass rate is met. If this option is enabled, students can not complete the course if they have not passed the questionnaire. If it is disabled, students can complete the exam without meeting the applicable pass rate.

Pass rate amount is defined in your project setup.

  • Enter the maximum number of attempts for the students to pass the exam in the Maximum Attempts field. Leave the field blank, if you want to use the default number of attempts.

Default maximum attempts will be defined in your project setup. If you add the maximum number of attempts while creating the schedule, the maximum number of attempts will override the default number.

  • Click Add Exam.

The exam will be added.

  • Click Save or Save & Exit

The schedule will be saved.


  • The exam will be embedded into the schedule.

  • Students can start the exam and attempt to pass it in a limited number of attempts.

  • Once the student has passed an exam, the student will receive an automated email with his grade.

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