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Embedding an exam in a schedule - content tab and allowing examiners manually grade

In some cases, you may require the final exam to be manually graded by an examiner/trainer.

See the steps below to complete the process.

Create a questionnaire with text based answers

Please follow the usual steps when creating a questionnaire but to involve a examiner in the grading process, you will need to add minimum 1 Text based answer Question.

This means, when a student supplies an answer, the exam will be in status Awaiting once submitted.

Once an exam is in status Awaiting, the examiner can be assigned. This examiner can be manually assigned by the admin on submitted exams or an admin can configure so the examiner is automatically assigned once the exam is submitted.

Please create a questionnaire with text based answers. See user guide here

Embedding the exam in schedules content tab

Once you questionnaire (with text answer option) has been created, you need to embed it in the schedule > content

When adding this type of exam in the content, we do not suggest allowing multiple attempts, as there is a lead time from submission to correct (unless you want to block until the examiner lets the student pass. )

Once you have embedded this exam + Saved. You will need to assign an examiner to correct the submitted exams. Follow the steps below to make this update

  1. Once you schedule with content and exam has been saved

  2. Go to Todos > All

  3. You will see a todo automatically created (when you embed an exam in schedules > content, it creates a new todo by default)

  4. Select this automatically created todo

  5. Navigate to the examiner input and select the examiner(s)

  6. Save

Outcome: As the student submit their exams, the examiner will be automatically assigned.

The examiner can now login and see examiner status awaiting on the exams he must correct

Viewing and Grading the exam as an examiner

See user guide on how examiners need to correct their assigned exams here

Viewing the graded exam as a student

See user guide on how to review graded exam results as a student here

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