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Creating a questionnaire

Admin | Creating a Questionnaire

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Open the Questionnaires menu

The Questionnaires page will be displayed.

  • Click New Questionnaire.

The Add questionnaire page will be displayed.

  • Enter a title for the questionnaire. This is a mandatory field.

  • In the Details tab, click Add group.

The fields to enter group details will be displayed.

  • Enter a name for the group.

  • Click Add question to group to create the first question of the questionnaire.

The field to add the question and its details will be displayed.

  • Enter the question in the Q1 text field. Example: How did you like the course?

  • Select the way you want the question to be answered from the dropdown list. The available options are: 1 Radio Button: You will be able to enter various answer options. The person filling out the survey can then select the answer that speaks to them the most. This is a multiple-choice format in which only one answer can be selected.

Text area: The person answering the survey can type in their response in a text area.

  • If you have selected the radio button type answer input in the previous step, enter the answer choices and the marks for each choice in the respective fields.

  • Click + to increase the number of options and click - to decrease the number of options.

The total marks will be calculated automatically and displayed in the Total Mark field.

  • Specify if answering the question is optional or mandatory by selecting the required option from the dropdown list. The available options are Optional and Required.

  • Repeat the steps for as many questions you want to add to the group.

  • Repeat the above steps for as many groups you want to add to the questionnaire

  • Click Save or Save & Exit.

The questionnaire will be created.


  • The questionnaire will be saved.

  • The total marks will be calculated from the individual marks from all the questions.

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