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ToDo - Assignment

Creating an Assignment

  • Navigate to Todos > All todos.

The All todos page will be displayed.

  • Click NEW TODO and select Assignment.

The New assignment page will be displayed.


  • Enter the required values for the fields. There are three tabs, Details, Results, Permissions, Content, and Activity.

Details tab:

  • Enter the title of the new assignment in the Assignment title field. For more information about field/section descriptions refer to the table below:




Select the mode of an assignment (Practical or Theory).

Upload file

Enable it if you want your students to upload the file.


Enter the category of the assignment.


Enter the assignment summary.

Assign to a

Select whether you want to assign the assignment to a group or a person.

Select schedules

Select the schedules of the assignment form the list.


Select the assignees for whom the assignment is assigned. You can add as many assignees as you want.


Select the status of the assignment. The available options are Open, In progress, Done.


Select the date of an assignment from the calendar dropdown.

End time

Select the end time of the assignment from the clock dropdown list.

Display exam results on submission

If you want to display the exam results on the date of submission on it.

Results Tab:

  • Select the Grading schema from the list.

  • Enter the Date and Time of the results published in the respective fields.

Permissions Tab: Select the people who want to share the task and click Save.

Content Tab: Enter/select the required values to the fields and click Save. For more information, about the field description refer to Adding Contents to an Assignment.

Activity Tab: No data.

The Activity Tab will fetch the data as the assignees complete and submit their Assignments

  • Click Save.

Outcome: A new assignment will be created and assigned to the students

Adding Content to an Assignment

To add content to an assignment, please follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to Todos > All todos.

The All todos page will be displayed.

  • Click the assignment for which you want to add the content.

  • The Edit assignment page will be displayed.

  • Click the Content tab.

The Content tab allows you to manage all the assignments uploaded by the students.

  • If you want to allow skipping of assignment submission for the students, enable Allow skipping field.

To add the topic, please follow the steps given below:

  • To add topics for your assignment, enter the name of the topic and then, click Add topic.

The topic will be added and displayed. You can add as many topics as you want.

  • If you want to add sub-topics, click the downward arrow in the topic field, enter the name of the sub-topic, and then click Add sub-topic.

  • If you want to remove the topic click X.

  • If you want to reorder the topics, drag and drop in the order of your choice. The sub-topic will be created and Add content field will be displayed.

  • Click Add content.

The Add content dialog will be displayed.

For more information about adding Text, PDF, Video, and Audio refer to Creating Online Course.

Uploading Files to Your Assignment

Assignees can attach and upload the files to their assignments. To upload the files, please follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to Todos > My todos.

The My todos page will be displayed.

  • Click the three dots in the row of assignments for which you want to upload the files and click View.

The View assignment page will be displayed.

  • Drag the required files from your local system and drop in the

  • Upload your file field or click Upload to upload the required files.

  • Click Save.

Outcome: The files will be uploaded. The assigned students can download the file in their system

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