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Trainer-led schedule - ask delegates to complete a questionnaire on the day

In some cases, you may ask your delegates to complete an online assessment while on the trainer-led training. This could be in person or online via Zoom. In both cases, the trainer can ask the delegates to login into their portal and complete a multiple-choice questionnaire while in the training.

Configure an online, trainer-led questionnaire

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Go to courses and select the schedule

3. Navigate to the content tab

4. Within the settings section, navigate to the input Only display content in this range

  • As you want the delegates to complete the exam on the day, select 0 in Days before the schedule start input

  • Add 1 in the Days after schedule ends input

5. Add the exam

See detailed steps for embeding exam

6. Save


  • The schedule is saved with the questionnaire embedded

  • Students can access the exam on the day of the training only

  • Students can complete the questionnaire via mobile or desktop

  • Students will receive their results instantly

See further details on how a student completes the questionnaire

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