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Advanced Trainer Portal Licence

The CourseCo Advanced Trainer Portal is an essential tool if you offer inhouse/incompany/private training to companies where you do no know the names of the attendees until they arrive in the room.

Advanced Trainer portal is an add on and is charged per Trainer Licence. There are many options to suit your needs so discuss the solution with your CourseCo lead to ensure it will benefit your business needs

⭐ Main Pro’s of Advanced trainer portal ⭐

  • Remove admin from manually updating bookings

  • Trainers can login and see their bookings and view the attendees added by admin

  • Trainers can add new/additional names

  • Trainers can remove delegates that did not arrive at training ie someone came instead of them

  • Admin no longer have to manually add the names to the booking after the training

    • when the trainer adds the delegate to the booking, it will automatically add a new contact to the organisation who booked the schedule

  • Admin can see the delegates on the booking and make edits if required.

  • Trainers can see the online content on their schedules

  • Trainers can update attendance for their schedules

Trainers ability to add and remove names is only available for schedule configured as ‘Charge per delegate’ Off. They can’t add to public/charge per person schedules

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