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CourseCo offers one platform with many solutions

Please note your features will depend on your CourseCo Package for details on our STARTER, PLUS, and PRIME Packages view here.

List of Features -

  • Home Dashboard - provides an overview of learners' attendance in real-time, your website traffic, your system, and create surveys.

  • Automations - allows you to manage your automations, and execute automations.

  • Bookings - allows you to manage your course bookings

  • Contacts - allows you to manage your contacts, invite contacts, and bulk import contacts.

  • Courses - allows you to manage your courses and course related aspects such as schedules, timetables, categories, subjects, locations, providers, study modes, types, levels, topics, curriculums, specs, and learning outcomes.

  • Dashboards - allows you to manage your dashboards including Default, Traffic, System, CourseCo Stats, Surveys, and My Dashboards.

  • Files - allows you to manage all your files.

  • Media - allows you to manage all your media files.

  • Messaging - allows you to send, receive, and schedule messages and manage messaging templates.

  • Notifications - allows you to manage notifications for payment, online consultation, enquiry, callback request, and bookings.

  • Pages - allows you to manage the pages of your website.

  • Panels - allows you to manage panels of your web pages.

  • Reports - allows you to generate reports such as Course Waitlist Contacts, Online course learning progress, Online course learning progress by student, Course brochure downloads, Bookings revenue, My Roll Call, Print Roll Call, Opt-in mailing list, My Upcoming Courses, and Upcoming bookings.

  • Surveys - allows you to manage surveys for your website.

  • Timetables - allows you to your timetables

  • Todos - allows you to manage your to-do list.