Release version: V2022.6.6

Hello, CourseCo fam.

Hope you are enjoying using our platform.

In this release, we have worked on some bugs and im

Please note that new features are available to you based on your project package and customisation.

If you have any queries or feedback on the release notes, please log a call with us at and we will be there to help you.

🛠 Bugs

  • Exams: Fixed speed issues faced by students when attempting to take exams

🌟 New Feature

  • Attendance Plugin: Admins can now take attendance using the ‘Attendance’ Plugin.

  • Please see our user guide on how to mark attendance using the plugin

  • Please note that the ‘Roll Call Attendance’ Report works as usual. There are no changes done to the report.

  • Please contact your CRM Lead to get this new feature configured

🚢 Coming Soon

  • Planned Feature 1 - Cancellation crediting / refund updates