With CourseCo’s Attendance, admins can take attendance of their delegates directly using this plugin. In this guide, you will find steps on how to use this feature to update the attendance of delegates while adding any notes to their contact, if necessary.

Where will I find the ‘Attendance’ plugin?

  • Log in as an admin

  • Go to ‘Profile’ and select ‘My account’ from the dropdown

  • In the left menu, select ‘Attendance’.

Please see the image below for reference:

Admin view of ‘Attendance’:

How can I update attendance?

  • Select your date range from the date filter

  • Select the delegates to update their attendance

  • From status dropdown, select the status as ‘Present’ or ‘Absent’

  • Optional: You can add notes for delegates on their records

  • Click ‘Update Selected’

You can additionally filter attendance records based on:

  • Course

  • Schedule

  • Trainer

  • Status

Outcome: The attendance status for selected delegates will update accordingly

Note: If you update attendance status using ' Roll Call report' it will be updated in the plugin and vice-versa.