Trainers/staff can view their timetables on the My Timetables page.

1. Navigate to the website and log in as a Trainer/Staff.

2. Navigate to the Timetables > My timetables.

The My Timetables page will be displayed.

The name of the trainer will be automatically populated in the Filter by. Trainers can view all the timetables they are booked on to and their information just by clicking on the slots. They can see their past bookings and the upcoming schedules of the slots. By clicking on the slots they can view the Delegates name, their contact number, and information about the slots.

3. Click the Day tab to view the schedules of a particular day.

4. Click the Week tab to view the schedules of a week.

5. Click the Month tab to view the schedules of a month.

6. Click the List tab to view the list of all the schedules.