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Schedules | Creating a Trainer-led Schedule

A trainer-led schedule is one in which the schedule will have fixed time slots including start time, end time & location To create a trainer-led schedule, follow the steps given below:

Create a schedule

  • Navigate to Courses > Schedules.


Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 12.44.46.png

The Schedules page will be displayed.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 12.45.05.png

  • Enter the Schedule title

This title is for internal use so name wisely as you may search via ‘short tags’ of your title later.

There are 5 tabs for which you have to enter/select values for the fields.

Create a schedule - Summary Tab

The next step is to populate values for the fields of the Summary tab. A Summary is a short description that provides information about the subject matter, approach, breadth, applicability of the course, and course details.

  1. Select the Course for which you are creating the schedule.

  2. Select the option Location of the training from the Parent Location dropdown list.

  3. Select the sub-location from the Sub Location dropdown list eg Room 1

    1. OR Enter the link to the online location where the course will be held in the Online Meeting Link field.

  4. Select the trainer from the dropdown (ensure they exist as a trainer in your contacts)

  5. Select the option Classroom, blended or Online from the Delivery Mode dropdown list.

  6. Select the option Trainer-Led from the Learning Mode dropdown list - this means you can add timeslots to the schedyle

  7. Enter the number of days for the certification in the Certification Duration field - consider leap years also! atory.

  8. Enter eg Joining instructions in the Schedule note - this can be an essay!

Please note that the ‘Online meeting link’ input allows up to 350 characters only.

To see how our Note feature works, please visit To use the Notes feature, please visit

Now, without needing to Save, move to the next Tab

Create a schedule - Timeslots Tab

  1. Navigate to the Timeslots Tab.

The Timeslots Tab will be displayed. Timeslots allow you to manage schedule dates, location, duration, start time, and end time.

A trainer-led schedule will have the option to set time slots as it requires a trainer to impart the training on specific date(s) and timeslot(s).

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 12.51.27.png

2. If you do not want the schedule to be repeated, select None from the Repeat dropdown list and skip the step.

If you would like the repeat option enabled, just let us know !

If you want the schedule to be repeated, then select Custom from the Repeat dropdown list and perform the next step.

The fields to set the frequency of repetition will be displayed.

3. Click the days of the week on which you want the schedule to be repeated.

4. Suppose you have selected Monday for the schedule to be repeated, then click the Monday tab.

5. Click New Frequency, enter the Start Time and End Time, and select the Teacher and Location for Monday. Repeat this step for all the days of the week that you have selected for the schedule to be repeated.

6. Enter the Start Date and End Date of the schedule.

7. Click Generate Timeslots.

8. On the calendar, select the required dates for which you want to add the schedule.

9. Enter the time range of the schedule in the Start Time and End Time fields, select a trainer, select the room.

Note: The clock is of 24 hr format. For example, 1:00 pm would be 13:00 hrs.

Without saving, move to the next Tab

Create a scheduke - Booking tab

1. Navigate to Booking Tab.

The Booking Tab will be displayed. It allows you to schedule booking criteria for customers to register for your schedules.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 12.52.37.png

2. Enable the Book on Website switch if you want to allow prospective students to book the course/schedule on your website. Else you can disable it.

3. Enable the Show timeslots on frontend switch if you want the timeslots to be displayed on your website, to prospective students. Disable this option if you have more than 15 Timeslots.

4. Enable the Show Timeslots in cart switch if you want to display the timeslots in the cart. Disable this option if you have more than 15 Timeslots.

5. Enable the Group booking switch if you want to allow for group bookings under a lead booker.

6. Enter the maximum number of spaces available for the schedule in the Max. Capacity field. If this is set to zero then add to waitlist option will be displayed on the website.

Create a schedule - Fees Tab

1. Navigate to the Fees tab.

The Fees tab will be displayed. It allows you to set payment details for the schedule.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 12.53.10.png

2. Enable the Fees required switch if you want to receive payment via website checkout and vice-versa.

3. Enable the Charge per delegate switch if you want to charge for every person/delegate in a group booking. Disable it, if you want to set a fixed price regardless of the number of delegates. If this option is disabled, the pricing will not be changed if delegates are added or cancelled after the initial booking.

Charge per delegate OFF is an in-company/Private schedule booking feature - see full user guide here

4. In the Web Payment options field, check the payment options that you want to enable for the schedule. The available options are Invoice, Credit card, and Sales Quote.

The Invoice options will be displayed only for Org Reps / Lead Bookers during checkout.

IF Sales Quote is available, it is optional for both org reps and students during checkout

5. Enter the fee per person or for the entire schedule in the Fee field.

6. Select the type of payment from the Payment Type dropdown list. The available options are Pre-Pay, Sales Quote, and Invoice.

Now, save your schedule!


  • Your schedule has been saved

  • The schedule has a unique id

  • Bookings can be created against this schedule.

  • Duplicating the schedule is an option now.

  • The timetable has been populated with this schedule / the timeslots

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