In this article, you will find steps on how to re-register students for the next academic year.

Duplicating a schedule

  • Log in as an admin

  • In the left menu, go to courses > schedules

  • Hover over the schedule that you want to duplicate to re-register students

  • In Actions, click the ‘Duplicate for Re-register' button

The duplicated schedule will now be opened in a new tab

  • Edit the title of the duplicated schedule

  • You can view the academic year for the duplicated schedule in the summary tab

  • In the Summary tab, you can edit details if needed as follows:

    • Location: choose from the dropdown

    • Sub Location: choose from the dropdown

    • Staff: Choose another trainer from the dropdown

    • Secondary trainers: Select secondary trainers for the schedule

    • Schedule Note: You can add a schedule note if needed

Please note that the timeslot frequency will be duplicated as well when you duplicate a schedule

  • In Timeslot tab, you can edit details as follows:

    • Start Date: Select a start date for the duplicated custom frequency

    • End Date: Select an end date for the duplicated custom frequency

  • Click on ‘Generate Timeslots’ button to generate custom frequency timeslots for the selected date range

  • Do not edit any details for the ‘Bookings' and ‘Fees’ tabs

  • Click ‘Save’ button to save the Schedule

Re-registering students

When the schedule is duplicated over and admin edits and saves the schedule, you can see the ‘reregister’ tab in the schedule. To re-register students as attendees, please follow these steps:

  • Open the duplicated schedule

  • Go to ‘Reregister’ tab

  • Select the students that you want to reregister on to this schedule

  • Click on ‘Register Selected Students’ button


  • The students will be registered on the schedule. You can see the registered students in the ‘Attendees tab’

  • A booking with no transaction will be created for each student in bookings list