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Applying Blackouts on Schedules | Do not allow the system add timeslots for these blackout dates

The functionality for blackouts is to ensure that you don’t schedule a course to run on a bank holiday or for other unique reasons.

Applying a blackout to a schedule ensures admin won’t schedule anything to run on these blackout dates to avoid any issues. You can use the Blackout feature while creating a schedule. Below are the steps to creating blackouts for schedules:

This feature is not on by default as most clients do not require this step. Typically used for clients who offer very large schedule eg 1 year of training. Contact us to get this free feature installed.

Step 1: New academic year | Creating a blackout using settings

  1. Login as an admin

  2. Navigate to the top right icon on the website

  3. Select System from the dropdown

4. On the left menu in Systems, select Calendars to create blackouts

5. From here create your Blackout

  • Select the Events tab

  • Add your event eg 'Christmas 2023'

  • Add event type (previously added) eg ‘Bank Holiday’

  • Add event RULE eg ‘Bank Holiday’

  • Set start date & end date

  • Select Add Event

Deleting or editing previously added/outdated blackouts is okay. You can edit the previously added blackout for the upcoming year to make adding blackouts faster!

Step 2: Selecting the black in a schedule

New Schedules | Creating a new schedule will automatically select the blackout by default.

Existing Schedules | Existing schedules will have the blackout de-selected and will require a manual update and re-generation of slots.

  1. Navigate to courses > schedules

  2. Click on Create a new schedule

  3. Add information to the Summary tab

  4. In the Timeslots tab > Select blackouts

    1. By default, blackout is selected, deselect if not required.

  5. Enter Details in Bookings, Fees and Content Tab. Click Save

Outcome: If admin selects a blackout date the admin will be alerted of this issue.

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