CourseCo can import your contacts using our CSV import feature. Bulk importing contacts can be very sensitive, so we need to be extremely precise and uniform with the data added to the CSV sample file to import successfully! 

Prepping your CSV for Import

  • CourseCo will send you a CSV import file - See the template file

  • General Fields:

    • First name, last name - *Mandatory

    • Email - *Strongly suggest always including

Not adding an email may cause duplicates as email is how CourseCo identifies duplicates

  • Mobile *Optional - in the same format for the entire document eg 353871234567, 4479145254

  • Organisation *Optional - add the organisation contact id to link the contact to the organisation

Ensure the organisation exists as a contact already before importing

  • Populating Contact Type & User Role column

    • Contact type Column

      • Org rep/lead booker = Org Rep 

      • Student / Individual / delegate = Student 

      • Organisation/company = Organisation

    • User role Column

      • Org rep/lead booker = Org Rep 

      • Student / Individual / delegate = Student 

      • Organisation = Leave blank 

    • Create User column = NO

Ensure you add the word No into this column for each student

Bulk importing Organisations using the csv import

  • Add the title of the organisation in the First Name column

    Select contact type = Organisation

  • Do not add a duplicate email i.e. if there is an email on the student, do not add it to the organisation again

Importing your csv contacts File

You completed the above steps and your file is ready to be uploaded to your platform

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Go to the contacts Plugin

  3. Within All Contacts, navigate to the right hand corner, you will see a button with 3 dots

  4. Select and from the dropdown select CSV IMPORT

5. On the next screen select Browse
6. Select your CSV contacts file from your local computer
7. Once your file is selected and attached, select the NEXT button
8. You will be presented with 2 columns, this is mapping your column titles with the inputs on CourseCo.

Target Column - if anything is blank, you just need to map it to the correct column from the dropdown

9. Once happy all columns are mapping, select START IMPORT
10. Your contacts have now been imported

You will be alerted if you were attempting to import contacts that already exist on the platform. If this happens the original contact information on the platform will remain and the CSV contact will not be imported

Some examples of why your file may fail import: 

  • Make sure not to delete or change any of the columns on the csv file 

  • Make sure not to add extra columns as these won't import successfully and will cause a fail

  • Columns

    • First name, last name > ensure there are no blanks

    • Email > ensure there are no duplicate emails, it may not fail but it can cause issues once imported. 

    • Mobile > tedious part! > Format needs to be the exact same i.e. 353879473635 

      • Ensure they are all in the exact same format of international code & number i.e. 353879473635, 44221545459

      • If not in this format, the file will be rejected. example of rejection: 

        • spacing between the number eg 087 5454454 (this will cause the file to be rejected)

        • + in the number 

        • Landlines

    • Address > ensure County is in a format without the Co. part i.e. Import will only accept Limerick, Cork, Dublin... It will not accept Co. Limerick