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Flexi Payment Installments | Reviewing Installments Report

This report is available to CourseCo clients who have added on ‘Flexi Payments’ to their package. Read more on Flexi Payment process on the helpdesk here or contact your CRM lead for more information.

The main features of Flexi installment report:

  • Display upcoming installments due in date range - With ‘Flexi payment instalment Report’, admin can quickly see a list of students who are due an instalment in the specific date range.

  • Admin can see when its due, who is paying it, the amount and which card on file will be charged via the automatic payment process

  • Admin can see the cards saved to the bookers file and understand which card will be charged for this installment

  • Admin can review previous flexi installments and review if these we paid or if they are still Due.

A payment installment (which is still outstanding) past the due date means all the payment attempts failed.

How to Run the Flexi Payment

Steps to run the ‘Flexi Payment Installment Report’

  1. Go to the website

  2. Login as an admin

  3. In profile picture dropdown, go to ‘My account’

  4. In left menu, select ‘Reports’

  5. Search and select ‘Flexi payment instalment’ report

  6. Input date range

  7. Select Intsallment Status. For eg: “All or Due”

  8. Click Run report

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