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Create a new outstanding Transaction on a booking

Product owner top tips! (lightbulb)

In some cases, you may need to create an additional transaction and link it to a booking. We have seen this with some of our clients. For example you might create a additional outstanding transaction to pay for additional books or content.

How to create an outstanding transaction on a booking

  1. Login as admin

  2. Go to a existing booking or contact

  3. Select the booking and navigate to the accounts tab for the contact on that booking

  4. Within the accounts tab, select Actions and select ’Make a Transaction'

    1. Select the booking it relates to from the dropdown

    2. In the case of multi-buy bookings, select the schedule it relates to

    3. Add the type - most common ‘booking - Pay Now’

    4. Enter the amount, if there is discount and if an admin fee is applicable.

    5. Save Transaction


  • A new outstanding transaction is created

  • Admin can now make a payment against this outstanding tx - see user guide on how to do this

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