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Backoffice: In-company Booking

In- company booking feature allows an Org rep to book for multiple delegates for the same amount of fees irrespective of the numbers of delegate added and removed. To use In-company booking feature, admin must have created a schedule. To view the steps to create a schedule with in-company booking feature, click here

Creating a Back-Office In-Company Booking

  • Go to Bookings

  • Click on Add Bookings

The Create a new booking page will be displayed.

  • From the Booking Type dropdown list, select Organisation Booking for Multiple Delegates.

  • Enter the Organisation name in the Org Name input

  • Enter the Lead Booker name in the Lead Booker input

  • Enter the Delegate(s) name in Delegate name input and Click Add Delegate

  • Add as many Delegates as you want on the Booking

To book an in-company schedule, a schedule with that feature must be published by the admin

The number of Delegates on the in-company booking must be set by the admin

  • Filter the schedules by click on Range dropdown and Select Upcoming

  • A list of Upcoming Schedule will appear on the screen

  • Click on the Select button in front of your In-company schedule

  • In the Payment details, review one price of n number of delegates on the Incompany booking

  • Add a PO/ Invoice number

  • Click on BOOK NOW

Back-office confirmation email triggers when the booking is edited to enter a PO number.


  • The In-company booking will be created for n number of delegates

  • You will not be charged per delegate

  • If you add/ remove a delegate, there will be no change in the amount of fees charged

Removing Delegates from an In-company Booking

To remove a delegate from an in-company booking, please follow the steps below:

  • Log In as an admin

  • Go to Bookings tab in the left menu

  • Search and select the Booking that you want to delete a delegate from

The schedule must have ‘Charge Per Delegate’ setting disabled for an In-company Booking

  • A representation of an in-company booking is shown below

  • To remove a delegate from the in-company booking, click on Remove Sign in front of the delegate

  • In the Pop-up question, confirm if you want to remove the delegate by Clicking ‘Remove’

  • Click on Save button

  • The delegate will be removed and you can see they are no longer in the Booking Details


  • The changes in the In-company booking will be saved

  • The delegates will be removed from the in-company booking

  • You will receive a message on the Booking screen for removal

  • There will be no price change in the Booking as it is an In-company Booking

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