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Backoffice Bookings - InHouse or incompany or Private company training.

This booking feature allows an Org rep to book for multiple delegates for the same amount of fees irrespective of the numbers of delegate added and removed, i.e. Day rate costing. To use this booking feature, admin must have created a schedule.

To view the steps to create a schedule with in-company/Inhouse booking feature, click here

Creating a Back-Office In-Company/InHouse Booking

  • Go to Bookings

  • Click on Add Bookings

The Create a new booking page will be displayed.

  • From the Booking Type dropdown list, select Organisation Booking for Multiple Delegates.

  • Enter the Organisation name in the Org Name input

  • Enter the Lead Booker name in the Lead Booker input

  • Enter the Delegate(s) name in Delegate name input and Click Add Delegate

If you have the names at this point. If not, please skip and just add a lead booker

  • Search and select the applicable schedule

  • In the Payment details, review the total price due to ensure correct.

  • Add a PO/ Invoice number (Can be added later also)

  • Click on BOOK NOW

Back-office confirmation email triggers when the booking is edited to enter a PO number.


  • The In-company booking will be created for n number of delegates

  • You will not be charged per delegate

  • If you add/ remove a delegate, there will be no change in the amount of fees charged

Removing Delegates from an In-company Booking

To remove a delegate from an in-company booking, please follow the steps below:

  • Log In as an admin

  • Go to Bookings tab in the left menu

  • Search and select the Booking that you want to delete a delegate from

The schedule must have ‘Charge Per Delegate’ setting disabled for an In-company Booking

  • A representation of an in-company booking is shown below

  • To remove a delegate from the in-company booking, click on Remove Sign in front of the delegate

  • In the Pop-up question, confirm if you want to remove the delegate by Clicking ‘Remove’

  • Click on Save button

  • The delegate will be removed and you can see they are no longer in the Booking Details


  • The changes in the In-company booking will be saved

  • The delegates will be removed from the in-company booking

  • You will receive a message on the Booking screen for removal

  • There will be no price change in the Booking as it is an In-company Booking

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