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Back Office Bookings - Booking for multiple delegates using Contact Tags

Bulk booking delegates based on their contact label or tag is a add on feature. Please contact us to find out if its included in your package and if it will be good for your business

This feature works best for companies that do not require a leadbooker to manage the attendees and view their certs. This bulk booking option does not give the option to add a leadbooker.

Creating a Bulk booking based on the contacts Tag

To create a back-office booking for multiple delegates is very quick and easy. Firstly, you will need to assign a tag to each contact eg Group 1.

This means, when creating the booking, you will be able to select the tag and it will present all the contacts with this tag (might be 100 or 200 contacts) and then allow you book these large number of contacts into a schedule. (Quick and easily)

Please follow the linked user guide for Adding tags to contacts to get started

  • Once you have added the tags to your contacts, you are ready to create the booking

  • Login as admin

  • In left menu, go to ‘Bookings’ plugin

  • Click ADD BOOKING. The Create a new booking page will be displayed.

  • From the Booking Type dropdown list, select Booking for a MULTIPLE STUDENTS

  • Using the input Labeled ‘Select Tag’ start typing the Tag name and select from the dropdown.

  • Select Add Students

Outcome: All the students with that tag assigned will be listed. Manually remove any student you do not want to book.

In the Select a schedule section, select the range of schedules that you want to view. You can filter the schedules by All, Past, Upcoming, Inprogress/ Upcoming

  • Select the schedule from the list by clicking on ‘Select’

You will be redirected to the Payment details section at the bottom of your screen

  • Click on ‘Book’ button

Back-office confirmation email triggers when the booking is edited to enter a PO number.


  • Booking will be confirmed.

  • An email will be sent to the delegate (if configured on your Platform)

  • An invoice booking with an outstanding transaction will be created if pending payment.

  • The student can view the booking in their portal.

  • Timetables will be updated.

  • Attendance reports will be updated.

  • The booking will be reflected in the upcoming booking and revenue reports.

You can search a booking by entering delegate name in the global search bar on bookings list page

You can also search booking using schedule ID inside a booking for a contact who has multiple bookings

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