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Attendance - Updating My schedules as a trainer

In this article, you will find steps on how to take attendance as a trainer.

  • Log in as a trainer

  • In the left menu, go to the ‘Attendance’ plugin

  • You will be redirected to the ‘My attendance’ page

  • Select the date range to see your student's attendance records

  • A list of students will appear for the selected date range filter as shown in the image below

    • To refine your results, you can filter by the schedule name

  • To update the attendance status, select the students by ticking the checkbox in front of them

Please note that you can update only one attendance status at a time.

For example: A schedule has 5 Attendees.

  • I can select 3 out of 5 people in a schedule and update them as Present.

  • To mark other 2 people as absent, I must repeat the process again by selecting 2 attendees and updating as Absent.

  • Select the attendance status from the dropdown as shown in the image below

  • Click on ‘Update selected’ button to update attendance status of the selected students

    • To refine your results, you can filter by the schedule name



  • The attendance status will be updated for selected students in the date range

  • Admins can view the delegates attendance status updated by the trainer


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