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Academic Schedules (Full time schedules) - Theory Example

When generating a schedule for Full Time students, there are multiple options / ways to do this. Below is a suggestion only and can be changed based how you would like it organised

The schedule steps below covers

  • Theory schedule eg 50 people 1 room, 1 trainer

  • Practical schedule eg 100 students, multiple locations, multiple trainers

Setting up a Theory Schedule

  1. Login as admin

  2. Go to Courses > schedules

  3. Create schedule

  4. Add title eg Theory Group 1

  5. Summary Tab

    1. Select the course it relates to i.e. the full time course

    2. Do not enter trainer, subject, location (this will be decided on the timeslot tab section)

    3. Select Trainer led and classroom based

  6. Timeslots Tab

    1. Blackouts

      1. should have been added previously - see user guide on adding blackouts

    2. Repeat

      1. Select Custom

      2. Select Frequency Weekly

      3. Select the days of the week Theory classes are being held.

        1. eg Mon-Fri

      4. Now select each tab, and enter the timeslots for each day (for the theory classes only), each day will have multiple

        1. Example Monday 9-10, 10-11, 11:30-12:00, Tuesday 9-10, 10-11, 11:30-12:00

      5. On each timeslot, eg Monday 9-10, set the trainer, location, Subject(module), IGNORE Lable for each of the timeslots.

    3. Once all your timeslots frequency has been added, set the start and end date eg Sept 2023 - May 2024

    4. Select Generate Timeslots.

Outcome: You will see all your timeslots generate for the year ahead.

It will skip blackout dates

Each timeslot generated can be changed if required, at a later date if required eg trainer, location, module or time changed.

  1. Booking Tab

    1. Book on website = OFF

    2. Max Capacity - set the max capacity allowed in this schedule eg 50 (maybe room can fit max 50 so it won’t allow more students be booked)

  2. Fee Tab - Ignore

  3. Attendees Tab - These will populate the names of the attendees once they have been booked

Overall Outcome

  1. Schedule will be generated with multiple slots per day

  2. Each timeslot will have its own module, trainer and location.

  3. Timeslots can be edited at any time via schedules or the all timetable

    1. Edit trainer, location or module

    2. Changes will be seen on the admin, trainer and student timetable.

  4. When students are booked onto this schedule, they will be booked onto all the timeslots and assumed to attendee all.

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