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Your SMTP Authorisation Keys

Safely Send Emails on CourseCo’s Platform

To ensure your emails are sent safely and securely, we request clients provide us with their own SMTP auth credentials. These are settings which allow your emails to be sent through CourseCo’s platform with a password authorised by your email account.

Your SMTP Auth Credentials

We require the following SMTP Auth Credentials to Go-Live.

Your IT provider or email hosting provider will confirm this information if you are unsure

Please share your SMTP auth credentials

  • SMTP server   _____________________ eg.

  • Port            _____________________

  • TLS/SSL           _____________________

  • Username       _____________________

  • Password        _____________________


Testing Your Credentials

We will test your credentials and provide any feedback (server logs) should there be any issues using your credentials.

⭐ Please provide all credentials to your Customer Support Specialist.

All technical questions please email

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