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Complete a Live Stripe test

At CourseCo we highly recommend testing your Stripe credentials once it has been confirmed your live Stripe credentials have been installed (CourseCo team will confirm this for you)

To do this, please follow the below steps to ensure your first booker on the website has no technical issues!

Suggested steps

Create a test schedule for eg €/£1 titled 'test schedule' and set capacity set to 1 (so no one else books it),

Navigate to the website and add the schedule to your cart and complete credit card booking.

You can complete this test using your admin account (this is fine for testing purposes)

Expected outcome:

  • You will see the booking process as expected.

  • You can run the Admin recent Payment report and see the latest payment.

  • You should receive a confirmation email for your booking.

  • When you login to your Stripe account, you should see €1 received.

  • You can refund yourself the €/£1 in Stripe (This will help you test the refund process)

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