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Release Notes | 28th August 2023

Release version: V2023.8.6

Hello CourseCo Team,

This is a medium sized release for some simple improvements

Please note that features are available to you based on your project package and customisation.

If you have any queries or feedback on the release notes, please open a support ticket via

🌟 New feature

  • Timetable | option to filter By Organisation and view organisation on the delegate tab

Please contact us if you would like us to turn this new feature on for you.

  • New online progress report so admin can run the report to view online content progress, exam attempts, last accessed content timestamp, length spent overall on the content.*

Please contact us if you would like us to turn this new feature on for you.

*Does not include Scorm content access length

🛠️ Bugs

  • Design font colour fix

  • Bookings | fix lead booker getting replaced by student issue

  • Speed updated to automations

  • fix sticky header menu

🌟 Improvements

  • Checkout | Duplicate email added, updated text presented to be clear for lead bookers

  • Student portal | Online content | new style improvements

    • Colour coding the section the student is currently reading, so student can easily see his progress

    • Auto-open each section as the student progresses through the content

      • Numbering of sections, optional setting to turn off numbering so admin can manage themselves

        • Please open a support ticket and ask us to update

  • Attendace Plugin

    • Filter results by tag applied to the contact

    • Open All Attendance by default

    • Open My Attendance and only see the students I have been assigned to eg Admin is both Admin and Trainer.

  • Backoffice booking - where multi-buy is not configured, stop admin from adding multiple schedules to the booking to prevent mistakes.

  • Checkout | weekly subscription automatic payments - Make reaccuring payments tick box mandatory for subscription schedules

🚢 Coming Soon

Planned Features on our Product Roadmap 2023

  • Currency Conversion on the checkout

  • Sage accounting Software integration 

  • Xero accounting Software integration 

  • Trainer iOS & Android attendance App (Beta live August 2023! Contact us to learn more!)

  • VAT on Bookings - global setting to turn on vat per schedule. (Coming end of August)

  • Schedule checklists

  • Trainer portal improvements

  • Renewal Alerts | Attendee Pass / Fail management for future bookings.

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