9Release version: V2023.1.17

Hello, CourseCo fam.

In this release, we have focused on some cool new features.

Please note that new features are available to you based on your project package and customisation.

If you have any queries or feedback on the release notes, please log a call with us at support@courseco.co and we will be there to help you.

🛠️ Bugs

  • Cancelled In-company bookings: Fixed so that delegates on a cancelled in-company booking do not see ‘Online Meeting widget’ in their portal

  • Checkout: Fixed so that correct sub total amount is shown on a checkout when creating a booking

🌟 Improvements

  • Page Load Improvements: Updated page load time for specific website pages. For example: Find courses page

🚢 Coming Soon

  • Planned Feature 1 : Login Tokenisation

  • Planned Feature 2: Flexi pay on checkout

  • Planned Feature 3: Fraud prevention in Exams

  • Planned Feature 4: Sage Integration