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Release Notes | 12th May 2023

Release version: V2023.5.4

Hello, CourseCo fam.

In this release, we have focused on a couple of new improvements/feature updates to improve your daily tasks !

Please note that features are available to you based on your project package and customisation.

If you have any queries or feedback on the release notes, please open a support ticket via

🌟 New feature

  • User login limitation: This feature limits admins using one login to access software via multiple devices

    • This will be implemented from 15th May 2023.

  • Please contact your CRM Lead to purchase additional licenses if required.

  • Contacts | Documents - manually generate a cert, the PDF Document will be named certificate_of_attendance-studentname-course eg certificate_of_attendance-Joe-Bloggs-First-Aid

This update has been developed when manually generating a cert only - see user guide.

CourseCo backlog plans to also update booking cert generate and Automated cert generation.

  • Google Carousel marketing updates

  • Please contact your CRM Lead to discuss implementing this with your Google Tag Manager

🛠️ Bugs

  • Attendance | cancelled delegates will not display on all/my attendance

  • Website signup | UI alignment update

  • Website course details page: Fixed so that private schedule dates do not show on the website

  • Contact Member status fixes

🌟 Improvements

  • Platform | speed improvements - Checkout and bookings

🚢 Coming Soon

Planned Features on our Product Roadmap 2023

  • Cancelling a completed booking

  • Currency Conversion on the checkout

  • Sage accounting Software integration 

  • Xero accounting Software integration 

  • Examinations > external examiner management

  • Certification - PDF Naming structure updates.

  • Trainer iOS attendance App

  • VAT on Bookings - global setting to turn on vat per schedule.

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