New Feature Releases - Upcoming

  1. Embed Exams - the latest version of our embed exams features are being released in August. This includes fantastic new tools to enable options to offer “self paced online exams” for your learners.

    Key features:
    - exam pass rate
    - exam no of attempts that can be

See CourseCo knowledge base about Embedding an Exam

New Feature Updates - In Development

  1. Attendance
    - enhanced attendance features are currently in progress with our development team. Offering easy to use features in our attendance plugin and moving away from a reporting tool into a more dynamic feature. We will post updates about this feature shortly, it is currently in development

    Next version update: awaiting date, currently in development

  2. Discounts
    - we are currently in development for our discounts feature.
    From membership discounts to coupon discount codes, our discounts feature is getting an overall to ensure it is user friendly and offers the best tools our community have provided feedback on.

    Next version update: awaiting date, currently in development