Stripe Live Keys:

Follow these steps to put in the test stripe keys and live stripe keys:

  • Log in as a super user

  • Navigate to your profile > Click on Settings

  • On settings page, click on Stripe

  • Check the box for ‘Check this box to make checkout payments be handled by stripe’ in front of the Enabled settings

  • In the Test Secret Key input, enter: sk_test_CwYhnDfLrLDHT32iuWcXlvf8

To find Test Secret Key: Log into CourseCo’s Stripe account. Once you are logged in, Turn On the toggle for test mode on the right side of your screen.

Go to the right side, click on Developer > Click on API Keys

On this page, you will find the Test Stripe Secret keys and Test Publishable keys.

  • In the Test Publishable Keys, enter: pk_test_iBa8Lm4ReIKWMyVoCggcZEQY

  • In the Live Secret Key input, enter your own Live Secret Keys

  • In the Live Publishable Key input, enter your own Publishable Keys

  • Check the box for ‘Check this box when you wish to use the test keys. No real payments will be made’ in front of the Test Mode setting

  • In the Stripe Client Id, enter your own Stripe Client ID details, if applicable. (This is optional)

  • Click Save

Make sure to complete a test booking and checking your stripe payment record to ensure that no real transactions are made using the test card details.