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User Journeys

Use Case - Application assigned based on the course booked

Steps for the application:

  1. Contact is booked onto a course where application must be completed

    1. Application with status enquiry is added to the contacts file > application tab

  2. Contact is sent an email with a link to the application

    1. The student must login to his portal to successfully submit their application

    2. The contact must complete the application before the course starts the course

  3. A confirmation email is sent to students who have successfully completed their application

    1. Application is now updated to status Completed.

  4. Reminder emails are sent to students who have not completed the application

  5. Admin can view a completed application on the contacts file

    1. Admin have the ability to edit any information on the form and resubmit successfully

  6. Application report will list all the contact who have received an application

    1. Admin can filter results to view who has completed / who has not completed

    2. Admin can download this file as csv

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