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Attendance Plugin | Updating attendance as an Admin

Admin and Trainer can update the attendance of the students for the required schedule.

Updating attendance as a Trainer is an advanced feature. Please enquire with your CRM lead to get this installed!

1. Log in as Admin and navigate to the Attendance Plugin

The Attendance page will be displayed - Make sure to select ALL Attendance

All Attendance is defaulted to todays date

2. Filter by Schedule - you can enter the name or Schedule id to refine your results

By default, All delegates display as Present and admin must change the Absent students only.

Attendance is recorded when admin selects ‘update’ button. You will know attendance has been recorded when the Last Updated column populated the time and date.

3. Filter by date range to see statistics of overall attendance

By updating the filter to show eg a week/month, You will identify if all attendance has been recorded. eg 49 total booking, 36 present and 3 absent, this means 10 delegate records have not yet been recorded.


  • Student attendance can be recorded

  • The contacts attendance tab will be updated

  • Trainers can also see this recorded attendance

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