Admin and Trainer can update the attendance of the students for the required schedule.

1. Log in as Admin and navigate to the Reports module.

The Reports page will be displayed.

2. Search for Roll Call Attendance report in the search box and run it.

The Roll Call Attendance page will be displayed.

3. To refine the report data, select the date, Location, Trainer ID, Schedule ID, and Timeslot ID from the dropdown lists.

By default, the current day date will be selected in the Date field.

4. Click Run Report.

The attendance roll call report for the selected schedule will be displayed.

5. In the Status field, change the status of attendance for the required student.

By default, the attendance status of the students will be present.

The available options are:

  • Present: The student attended the class/session.

  • Absent: The student was absent from the class/session.

  • Late: The student arrived late for the class/session.

  • Early Departure: The student departed early from the class.

6. Click the Update Bookings button.

A confirmation dialog will be displayed.

7. Click Ok.

The attendance records for the students will be updated.