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Unpublish a course

You can un-publish a course to not show it on the website so that users cannot book the course.

To un-publish a course from your website, please follow the steps here:

  • Log In as an admin

  • Go to Courses in the left menu.

  • In front of the course, you can see a ‘Publish’ Column

  • To un-publish the course, simply click on the tick mark in front of the course you want to un-publish

  • With your click, it will change the status of course from publish to unpublished. See image for reference.


  • Your course will be unpublished

  • Users cannot book it

  • If you want users to book the course again, you will have to publish it first

To publish it, click on the ‘un-publish’ sign in front of the course to publish it again

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