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Undelivered Email - Resend option

In some rare cases, an email may have been sent via CourseCo but was stopped by your mail sender.

Resend feature allows you to resend the email quickly and easily.

Please contact your CRM lead to discuss implementing this feature on your platform

Resending an email that failed to deliver

  1. Login as admin

  2. On the left menu, select the Messaging plugin

  3. Select the All Folder icon

  4. Search and select the email you would like to Resend

  5. Within the summary section, you will see a Resend button

  6. Select the button

You can also complete the same workflow via the list screen, resend email (which is much quicker)


  • The email will resend to the contact again

Note: If it does not deliver to the recipient again, please review your email logs or contact your email provider

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 12.42.07.png

Note: Resend will resend the email with the same content and same email.

It will not regenerate new information or send to an edited email address on the contact.

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