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Transfer a Booking to another Schedule

With CourseCo’s New feature called Transfer Bookings, you can now transfer delegates or a booking to another schedule or course. To transfer a booking, please follow the steps given below:

Feature available on Prime package. Please contact your CRM lead for information

  • Log In as an admin

  • Click on the Bookings Plugin, in the left menu

  • Search and Select the booking that you want to transfer on another schedule

  • Click on the ‘Transfer to another schedule’ button in Edit booking section

You can Transfer upcoming bookings only. Past bookings can’t be transferred.

  • You will be redirected to the Transfer Booking page

  • Check and Tick the Booking schedule that you want to transfer

  • Check and Tick the names of delegates that you want to transfer

  • Choose a Transfer Reason from the Reason dropdown

  • Select an Upcoming schedule to transfer the Booking

  • Review Payment Details for the Transferred Course

  • Click on Book

Add applicable discounts to the new schedule if applicable


  • The new Booking will be saved

  • The old booking will be transferred to another selected course

  • The delegates will be moved from the old booking to the new booking

  • If the previous booking had an outstanding, the outstanding transaction will be cancelled and a new transaction created

  • IF the previous booking was paid or partially paid, a credit will be added to the contacts file. Follow the steps below ‘Transfer a paid booking to a new schedule’ to make payment with the credit

Transfer a paid booking to a new schedule

You may have previously received payment for the original booking via credit card, eft or cash. By transferring the paid booking to a new schedule, you are adding a credit to the contact's account. You would like to update the new booking with the correct amount outstanding.

  1. Login as Admin

  2. You have completed your Transfer booking

    1. Now, You need to update your accounts

  3. Navigate to the contacts accounts tab

  4. Review the transactions

    1. You will see a cancelled transaction > for the original booking

    2. You will see a credit available transaction > for the amount paid on the original booking

    3. You will see a new outstanding transaction > for the new booking

  5. You need to select the Credit available transaction, once you’ve done this:

    1. Select the Action button (corner right), select Journal - Cancel Transaction from the dropdown

    2. On the popup, add a note for reference e.g. Updating transferred booking id 1001 with this credit

    3. Save

  6. Next, select the outstanding transaction for the new booking

    1. Select the Action button (corner right), select Make a Payment

    2. Select type = Cash (this is a workaround for the moment)

    3. Enter the amount you want to pay off i.e. the amount of credit you cancelled in point 5

    4. Add a note for reference.

    5. Save


  • The amount paid is updated

  • Your contacts accounts are displaying the correct amount outstanding.

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