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Trainer - Creating a Task

Trainers can create a task and assign it to the students on their schedule from their portal. To create a task and assign them to your students, follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to the website

  • Log In as a trainer

  • In the left menu, click on Todos

  • In Todos, click on My Todos

  • In the right side of screen, Click on NEW TODO

  • From the dropdown, select Task

You will be redirected to create a task page

  • Enter the title for your task

  • Enable Upload file if you want your assignees to upload a file to submit the task

  • Choose Category from the Category dropdown

  • Write a Summary for your Task. This step is Optional

  • Choose if you want to assign the task to one person or a group on the Assign to a scale

  • Select the schedule(s) that you want to assign the task to

  • A list of all students booked on that schedule will appear on Assignees dropdown.

  • Select the assignees that you want to assign the task to

  • Choose the Status of the Task as Open as it is just starting

You can later edit the Task status if it is In-progress or Done

  • Choose the Priority of the Task: Normal, Low or High

  • Enter the due date for your Task submission

  • Enter an end time for your Task as a deadline

  • Click Save

Outcome: A task will be created and assigned to your assignees from the trainer’s portal

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