As a trainer on CourseCo, you can grade an exam submitted by the students. To grade an exam where you are an examiner, please follow the steps below:

  • Login as a trainer using your credentials on the website

  • Go to profile on top right of screen and select ‘My account’ from the dropdown

  • Click on Todos in the left menu

  • Select ‘My results’ in from the left menu

Note: You can only see Todo records to grade if the students that have submitted the exams.

Submitted exams are automatically available for the trainer to grade.

  • You will be redirected to Todo records for submitted exams. In this image below, only 1 submission is received. It may vary trainer to trainer.

  • In Actions, select ‘View’ to view the answers submitted by the students

  • Multiple choice answers will be automatically marked with the assigned grade. Please see in the image below the correct answer is marked.

The grade for correct answer in a multiple choice question is already set when the questionnaire is created.

  • You can view the selected answer by students and the marks received for correct answer

  • You can enter grade after reviewing text based answers, as shown in the image below

  • Additionally, if a student has attached an answer, you can also download and review it by clicking on 'Download attachment ' below the marks input

  • Once you have graded all answers of the questionnaire, you can either

    • Save result: This will save the marks and grade assigned to the student

    • Save as draft: This will save the result as draft where you can come back later to review again and correct marks if needed

  • Once you have saved the marks, you can see the grade populate for the respective record.