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Super Booker Management | Use 1 ' Super booker' to allow admin create bookings against multiple organisation

In some large organisations, there maybe a department dedicated to handling training for multiple organisations / departments. 1 ‘super booker’ completes the bookings, but the booking needs to be ‘billed’ to the correct organisation.

With CourseCo’s new ‘Super Booker’ management, admins can assign 1 contact as a booker and create booking against any organisation. This means IF using CourseCo’s invoicing management, the correct address can populate on the invoice.

This is an add on feature, please contact us to learn if this solution will suit your business needs

How to assign a contact as a Super Booker

  1. Login as an admin

  2. Open contacts

  3. Search and select your preferred ‘Super Booker'

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and toggle ON ‘Super Booker’

  5. SAVE


  • The contact has been saved as a Super Booker

  • Admin can create bookings for any organisation against this organisation


Assign updates a contact as Super Booker

Create a booking using a Super Booker as the Booker

Super bookers against all the bookings and when viewing the booking as admin, admin can see which organisation the booking is against.

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Complete the above steps to add a super booker contact

  3. Open Bookings > Add booking

    1. Type = ‘organisation booking for multiple delegates’

  4. Search and select the applicable Organisation.

  5. Add the lead booker - your super booker will appear as an option

  6. Toggle where you want to ‘Bill the booking’

    1. Billing against the organisation means the invoice will populate the selected organisation address

    2. Billing against the booker means the invoice will populate the bookers billing address.

  7. Add your schedule and complete the booking


  • The booking will be confirmed

  • IF Billed to the booker, the invoice will populate the bookers billing address and the transaction will be on the bookers accounts tab

  • IF Billed to the organisation, the invoice will populate the selected organisations billing address and the transaction will be on the organisations accounts tab

Viewing the booking | understanding where the booking was ‘Billed’

  1. Once the booking has been made, open the booking again

  2. You will see the how the booking was billed


Viewing where the booking was billed.

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