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Starter Discount

If you want to apply ad-hoc discounts to a back-office booking, please follow the steps given below:

1. Navigate to the website and log in.

The Home page will be displayed.

2. Click your profile picture at the top-right and click My Account.

The Home Dashboard will be displayed.

3. Hover on the navigation menu icon and click Bookings.

The Bookings page showing an overview of all of your bookings will be displayed.


The Create a new booking page will be displayed.

5. In the Booking Type dropdown list, select the Organisation booking for multiple delegates option.

6. In the Organisation name field, search and select your organisation.

7. In the Lead Booker field, search and select the lead booker.

Make sure the contact that you are putting as the Lead Booker is linked to your organisation.

8. In the Select Delegate field, search and select the delegate that you want to add to the booking and click Add Delegate. Repeat this step for as many delegates you want to add to the booking.

  • It is mandatory to add at least one delegate to a booking.

  • You can add more than one delegate; however, they will have to exist as contacts linked to that organisation.

9. In the Select a schedule section, look through the available schedules and then click the Select button in the row of the schedule that you want the delegates to be a part of.

You will be redirected further down the web page, to the Payment details section.

Review the payment information to ensure that you have selected/entered the correct date, cost, and number of delegates.

10. Click the Booking Discounts button.

The Apply Discount dialog will be displayed.

11. In the Enter Custom Discount field, enter the amount of discount being applied to your booking.

12. Click Apply.

Review the updated amount and the applied discount to ensure that your input is correct.

You will be redirected to the Payment details section on the Bookings page.

13. Enter your PO number in the Purchase Order number field.

14. Click Book to create a confirmed booking.

You will be redirected to the Bookings page where you can view an overview and/or the details of your booking.

By following this process, your outstanding transaction will be updated when your payment is received. For more information, refer to


  • Your booking will be confirmed.

  • A custom discount will be applied to your booking.

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