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Share Private Schedule Link

Private Link to a schedule is a unique feature provided by CourseCo. This private is not published on your website but visible to you in your back-office. You can also send this private link to the selected clients that you want.

To create a private link for your course, follow these simple steps given below:

  • Navigate to the website

  • Log In as an admin

  • Click on Courses Plugin to create a schedule with unique link

  • Click on Schedules

  • Click on New schedule on top right of the screen

  • Enter the title of the schedule

  • In the Summary tab > Select the course, Subject, Location, Staff, Delivery mode and Learning mode just as you would set it for a regular schedule

  • Add a summary and description for the schedule

  • In the Timeslot tab> Click and select the date for the schedule as you want

  • In the Bookings tab> Turn ON the setting for Book on Website

  • Turn ON the setting for Use Unique Link

  • A unique link for the schedule will appear

  • In the Fees tab, enter the amount and mode of payment as per your preferences

  • In the Content tab, add content and study material if you wish to

  • Click on the Save button


  • A unique private link for the schedule will be created

  • The schedule will not be available to everyone

  • The Admin can share the schedule link to preferred contacts

  • Contact can use the link and buy the course

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