Admin can send the messages in bulk to trainers and students following the simple steps.

1. Log in as an Admin.

2. Click the Compose icon and then select Compose Email from the dropdown.

The Compose Email section will be displayed.

The email address of the sender will be auto-populated.

3. Click BCC in the To field.

The BCC field will be displayed.

4. Click the Lookup icon in the BCC field.

The Find a Contact dialog will be displayed.

5. Select the condition from the dropdown list based on which you want to find contacts.

The Find Contacts option will be displayed.


All the contacts matching the selected condition will be displayed.

7. Check the boxes in the rows of the contacts for which you want to send the email.

8. Select a template for your email from the Template dropdown list.

9. Enter a subject for the email in the Subject field.

10. Enter the email body and click Send.

The message will be sent to the selected recipients.