CourseCo offers you one of our new features:

NOTE. You can add this Note feature while creating schedules.

These notes gets auto- populated once a website booking occurs and a booking confirmation mail is sent to the lead booker. You can enter information in Note text editor which is specifically about a schedule that you want to share with your learners.

When your schedule with the Note is booked by learners, they will get an email confirming their bookings and also receive the notes that you added in their email.

To add a note to your schedule, follow these simple steps given below:

  • Log In as an Admin

  • Navigate to the plugin Courses

  • Click on Schedules

  • Select the schedule that you want to add the note to

  • In the Action column for that schedule, click on Edit

  • In the Summary tab, navigate to the Notes text editor

  • Enter the Notes that you want the lead booker to see in the Notes Text editor concerning the schedule

You can style your Notes as you want by adding bullet points, images and links

  • Click Save

You can also add these Notes while creating a new schedule. To create a new schedule, please visit


  • The Notes will be saved on the schedule

  • The Lead Booker will receive a booking confirmation Email with Notes for the schedule

  • Notes will be auto-populated in the Booking Confirmation Email