Example 1: Sales Quote never converts to a confirmed booking.

Outcome: You will leave this booking in status Sales Quote, you can report on this later. 

  • User books a course using a Sales Quote:


  • The booking status will be displayed as Sales Quote on the Bookings page:


  • Admin will enter the PO number or credit card reference in the back office and create the sales quote:


Example 2: Sales Quote changes to a different date or price.

Sales Quote changes due to changes in:

  • The price

  • The date

  • The number of delegates

  • The actual number of booked delegates

If this happens, it means that a sales quote criteria has changed since administrators or the Org Rep created the Sales Quote booking. To countermeasure this, you will need to leave the existing Sales Quote booking open, create a new schedule with all the correct information, and rebook the organisation, org rep, and delegates. To do so, follow the steps underneath:

Creating a Schedule and Booking it from Back-Office

Navigate to the website and log in as an Admin.

The Home page will be displayed.

  1. Navigate to

Courses > Schedules.

The Schedules page will be displayed.

  1. Create a new schedule. For more information about creating a schedule refer to


  1. Add a confirmed date and price.

  1. Create a back-office booking. For more information about creating a back office booking and complete guide refer to


  1. Add the required information.

  1. Click


The booking will be confirmed.


  • The sales quotes will be updated.

  • The bookings will be confirmed.