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Resend an invite to a contact

When you invite a contact to login, they may ignore the invite and you may need to invite them again. This can be done very easily using the Bulk Invite feature

Bulk invite feature is available on our Plus and Prime packages

Resend the invite email to the contact

  • Login as admin

  • Go to contact and open contacts list screen

  • Search for you contact using the global search or column search

  • Once you have found your contact(s) navigate to the user Status column

    • The status will say Email Not Verified, Cannot Login

  • You can now tick the invite box and resend the invite.

  • Select the tick box in front of the contact as shown in the image below

  • Click on ‘Send invite’ button on the contact list to send an invite

  • Make sure you select the correct contact role. Eg: Student

  • Click on ‘Invite user’ button as shown in the image below

Outcome: the invite will be resent to the contact

You can open the contacts messaging tab to see all the invite emails they received and when

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