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Removing Delegates from an In-company/private training Booking (no refund process)

To remove a delegate from an in-company / private training booking, please follow the steps below:

  • Log In as an admin

  • Go to Bookings tab in the left menu

  • Search and select the Booking that you want to delete a delegate from

The schedule must have ‘Charge Per Delegate’ setting disabled for an In-company Booking

  • To remove a delegate from the in-company booking, click on Remove Sign in front of the delegate

  • In the Pop-up question, confirm if you want to remove the delegate by Clicking ‘Remove’

  • Click on Save button

  • The delegate will be removed and you can see they are no longer in the Booking Details


  • The changes in the In-company booking will be saved

  • The delegates will be removed from the in-company booking

  • You will receive a message on the Booking screen for removal

  • There will be no price change in the Booking as it is an In-company Booking

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