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Practical III

Please do the following exercises.

  • Sign Up
    • Complete the signup process as an organisation.
    • Complete the signup process as an individual.

  • Waitlist
    • Add your name to a waiting list.

  • Enquire
    • Enquire about a course/schedule.
    • Complete a contact form (“Contact Us”).
    • Complete a news letter form (Sign up for a newsletter).

  • Checkout
    • Complete the checkout by using the Stripe Test Card as explained here.

  • Accounts
    • Approve the discount codes below:
      • ABC10 = 10% off
      • ABC20 = 20% off
      • ABC30 = 30% off
    • Use a coupon code on the checkout.
    • Make a payment type EFT on an outstanding transaction.

  • Run Report
    • Run a booking revenue report on a client basis.
    • Run a bookings outstanding report.
    • Run an upcoming bookings report, focusing on schedules.
    • Run a waitlist report.
    • Run a recent payments report.
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