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Practical I

Please do the following exercises.

  • Website
    • Menus - Add or edit headers and footers!
    • Test out the “Pages” feature.
    • Test out Panels.
    • Test out the “News” feature.
    • Sign off on a newsletter.
    • Redirect to a thank you page.

  • CRM
    • Add an organisation.
    • Add a student.
    • Add an org rep
    • Add a trainer.
    • Send a mail invite to any contact

While in testing mode, real emails will not send from your platform. You can find the generated email in the messaging/all folder. This has not been sent to the recipient

IF issued an invite, find the email, within the email message, right click on the invite button, select Open in an incognito window

Now you can accept the link (via incognito window) as the contact

  • Bookings
    • Website Booking: Complete an individual booking with a credit card.
    • Website Booking: Complete an organisation group booking with a credit card.
    • Admin Booking: Complete an individual back-office booking.
    • Admin Booking: Complete a group back-office booking.
    • Cancel a delegate from a group booking.
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