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Phase Out: Taking Attendance as a trainer via My Roll Call

Updating attendance as a trainer via My Roll Call is a phased out feature and will no longer be supported by CourseCo

Our updated Attendance Portal will enable your trainers to update attendance. Please contact us if you would like upgrade to this attendance feature

As a trainer on a scheduled course, you can take attendance and update the roll call report from your portal. To run roll call report, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the website

  • Log In as a trainer with your credentials

  • In the left menu, click On Reports

  • Click on My Roll Call Report to open roll call report

  • Enter date, location, schedule_id and timeslot_id from each dropdown respectively

  • Click Run Report

  • From the status dropdown in front of student name, choose their status of attendance

  • Click on Update report

Outcome: The report will be updated and attendance will be marked

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