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Pass / Fail Management of Attendees

Our latest feature is now live. This is where admins can manage when a cert is sent to the student.

This is an add on feature. Please contact us to enquire about installing this on your platform

In some cases, attending the training might not be enough to receive a cert. Attendees might need to pass a practical exam eg lifting a box. This type of testing can’t be automated as its a visual test (Not MCQ)

The new Pass / Fail feature will help you manage this process, while also managing the renewal process, see renewal process below

The below is broken into suggested steps, please review with your CRM lead if you have queries

Renewal Reminder Management

If your attendees receive a PASSED on the course, they are due for renewal in x amount of time. The passed attendees will receive renewal reminder emails if they pass only. FAILED attendees will not receive renewal reminder emails

Without the Pass / fail feature, all attendees will receive renewal reminder emails (as the system does not know who should / should receive the alert)

Reviewing Schedule > Attendee | Pass or Fail feature

This is an add on feature. Please contact us to enquire about installing this on your platform

  1. Open Courses > Schedules

  2. Navigate to the Attendee Tab

  3. Review the list of attendees / Columns presented.


  • Contact ID

  • Contact Name

  • Booking ID

  • Booking Status

  • Email

  • Result - Blank by default

    • Passed - passed the schedule, should receive a cert / renewal reminder

    • Failed - The should not receive a cert or renewal reminders in the future.

  • Result date - This is the datestamp of when the result was added by admin

  • Certificate Renew Date - this is the renewal date for the attendee

  • Attendance - this displays the number of Present slots only (not absent)* This column has been added as a default column

    • Present timeslots will display as eg 3/3

    • Absent for eg 1 would be 2/3

    • Attendance not recorded eg 0/3

Steps to Update students as PASSED or FAILED

  1. Open Courses > Schedules

  2. Navigate to the Attendee Tab

  3. Per contact, assign PASSED OR FAILED

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen + select UPDATE ATTENDEES


  • Attendee is set to PASSED or Failed

  • IF Passed, student or leadbooker or both will receive a cert *optional

  • Admin can open the booking, and see the attendees listed with their Status & renewal date will populate for attendees who passed

  • Renewal reminder emails will send to the PASSED attendee only

  • No renewal reminder will be sent to FAILED attendee

Manually setting / overriding the default Renewal Date

In some cases, accredited bodies will allow you book training before the renewal and extend the renewal date to the original booking. Example - Due for renewal in December, but I attend training in September. The cert renewal date can populate the December renewal and not the September date.

This is an optional feature that can be used alongside the Pass/Fail feature

To override the default renewal date and apply a custom renewal date you need to

  1. Open schedule > attendee

  2. Set the PASSED / FAILED attendees

  3. Before selecting UPDATE ATTENDEES

  4. Edit the Certificate Renew input, per Attendee.

If you don’t edit the renew date, its assumed it should apply the default date

Bookings - Viewing Passed / Failed Attendees

Once you have completed the above, you can open a booking at any time and view the attendees Booking Status (Passed, Failed or Blank)

See example

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